And the Winner Is...

When I was young (can't believe I am saying THAT!), I was the student and athlete that had so many awards and trophies, they almost became more of an expectation rather than an unexpected, exciting achievement. At this stage in my life, that is no longer the case! No one is giving me a trophy for keeping the kids alive and the house in order, restocking clean clothes in the closets, trying to figure out autism,  juggling multiple fitness classes, or for assuring the pantry is full and food is on the table! So to receive the Florida Authors and Publishers Association President's Gold Medal Award for The Air Diet came as a HUGE ... UNEXPECTED ... EXHILERATING ... achievement. What an honor it was to be recognized amongst so many talented authors here in Florida for my published Labor of Love!


Thanks to my terrific mother-in-law and father-in-law, I was lucky to have a night away in Orlando with my ever-so-supportive husband, Michael, to celebrate--ME! You moms know that doesn't happen all too I right??? Anyways, what a fun night! The banquet was nicely done: a great balance of professional-fancy-fun! The food was tasty and the wine was free! BONUS!!


I have no idea how being an "Award Winning" author will impact my journey with The Air Diet, but I hope with the newly added "Shiny Gold Sticker", more people will look to The Air Diet for guidance on their healing journey through Autism Spectrum Disorder, Leaky Gut, IgG Food Sensitivities, Lyme Disease, Celiac Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Inflammation, Fatigue, Weight Issues, and other Autoimmune Diseases that negatively impact the immune system and one's well-being. 

How do I end this self praising blog?????  

Hmmm....GO ME! YEAH! So Awesome! Can't believe it! How Cool! And of course, a Big Thank You to Emily Merrill for her beautiful photography; Kristie Feltner  for her creative graphics & book design, Beth Mansbridgefor her precise editing, and Jane Wood & Frances with Get Book Savvy for their mentoring through this publishing process! So thankful to all you for your talents, your commitment, and expertise!

Good times ... new smiles ... So honored!

A high moment for Me and Jigsaw Living!!